My Master's Thesis Problems and solutions encountered…


About the Thesis

My thesis revolves around the development of a Silverlight application, which aims to facilitate the certfication process for the standards SA8000 and ISO14001 for the clients of the consultancy company Ethical Trade Solutions.

The thesis report contains the documentation of the systematic and disciplined approach deployed on all phases of the software development process (requirements specification, design, development, and test).

About the Blog

This blog is used as a means to communicate with my supervisor about the progress in the development of the Silverlight application. Also, and perhaps more importantly (since I also have regular meetings with my supervisor), this blog is my way of giving something back to the Internet community: I learn so much reading the posts and tutorials of other people, and I hope to 'pay it forward' by writing about some of the problems and solutions I encounter during the writing of my thesis.

I will try to provide complete tutorials to the tasks I describe.

The main part of the posts will be about Silverlight and how to structure the project according to the rules of the architectural pattern Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). The necessary C# and XAML code will be provided.

I will not spend too much time trying to write in flawless English, as I am busy enough as it is, but I will try to make myself understandable.

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  1. Hi Maria,
    Looking forward to following your progress… Good luck with it, I know you’ll do a great job!

  2. Hello Maria,
    I know your thesis done but i still use this blog as a good reference. Thanks so much. Best wishes!

  3. hi is it possible to get the full documentation for learning process?

  4. Micheal: I have zipped my Visual Studio-folder and stored in my public Dropbox-folder. Do not expect it to compile, as I have shut down the WebService and made the database inaccessible. But maybe it can help you somehow:

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