My Master's Thesis Problems and solutions encountered…



So, a while ago I figured out that I needed to make some pretty drastic changes to my project before being able to code the rest of the functionality needed for my application. The problem originated from beginners mentality I suppose, because the very structure of my project was the main problem.

Also, for various reasons I have chosen to use a MS SQL database instead of the MySQL, so I will not be using the ODBC connection that I described in an earlier post.

So, I had to make two changes: I had to structure my project according to the MVVM Design Pattern (Model-View-ViewModel), and I had to set up and connect to a MS SQL database.

Deciding to change the structure of my project was necessary, but pretty frustrating, as I basically have to build up a whole new project and start again from scratch. Of course, most of the functionality from my old project can be reused, and I have fortunately documented and blogged about most of it, so the rebuilding will not take as much time as it did the first time I went through it all.

Wish me luck!

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